Who doesn’t want to make the world a better place? We all try to do our bit, don’t we? Turn off the tap, turn off the lights, recycle. Have you ever wondered how these small actions and positive choices day-to-day impact the world?

This Individual Social Responsibility (ISR) Quiz will help you evaluate how your day-to-day actions affect the world from an environmental perspective. Individual Social Responsibility (ISR) as an individual’s commitment to enact positive change through their own conduct which in turn enhances the quality of life for all human beings and the environment, and the ISR Movement is bringing all people to take responsibility until every small action creates a big change. The first step of becoming a part of this movement is preserving our environment. The quiz will help you understand where you stand in your ISR journey and help you take actions that that bring you closer to your end goal.

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Which of these PLASTIC items do you buy or use regularly? (Check all that apply)

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What does your regular diet consist of in general?

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How much food waste is approximately created in your household in an average week? (Good, edible parts of food wasted by serving/cooking too much, or food expired in fridge/cupboard)

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What is your average shower time?

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Do you turn the tap OFF while…? (check all that apply)

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Do you turn off the main switch of _____ when not in use? (Check all that apply)

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How many hours of air conditioning (AC) do you use in a 24-hour period?

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How many clothing items do you buy in a month?

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How many hours do you travel in a car (including taxi, uber) in an average week?

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How many hours did you travel in an airplane for in the last year?

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Do you recycle/reuse these waste items? (Check all that apply. Also, check if you do NOT use the items at all.)

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Do you segregate wet and dry waste?

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How often do you buy personal electronic devices such as smartphone, desktop, TV, and laptop?